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Bridge Saudi Company have been innovating heat transfer cleaning technologies in house since 2008, and were the first to introduce the crystal cleaning of Fin-Fans in 2011.

Our latest proprietary pneumatic dry cleaning systems and crystal media provide the safest, most effective way to remove fouling from process equipment through which gas passes.

Online external tube cleaning service for all types of fin-fan unit.


  • Air cooled heat exchangers (Fin-Fans)
  • Steam condensers (A.C.C’s)
  • Air blast coolers (chillers)
  • Furnace/heater convection coils
  • Vapor filters
  • Air handling units

Pneumatic Cleaning System

  • Developed by experienced field personnel for remote cleaning work at elevation in Zone1 hazardous areas of oil refineries, petrochemical and gas plants
  • Achieves excellent cleaning results at low pressures, from 0.5 to 8 bar
  • Permits fast and easy set-up without crane (machine remains on ground, hoses are lifted
    up by hand)
  • Designed with numerous features to facilitate use and ensure safe cleaning operations
  • Made with the highest quality materials and methods in The Netherlands

Dry Cleaning Media

  • Crystal Dust 35 is our high-performance mineral cleaning media, capable of removing stubborn deposits
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-sparking, non-corrosive, requires no waste treatment, and compatible with all metals